Cade & Co Leather Shoes

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Cade&Co is a unique company that specializes in handmade, leather baby shoes and luxury goods.

Based in Park City, Utah, Cade&Co shoes feature a leather, slip-on shoe design recommended by pediatricians for babies and pre-walkers. The natural suede sole provides protection while allowing babies and toddlers to feel the ground beneath their feet as they learn to stand and step. The comfortable, ultra-soft, breathable leather keeps feet cool in summer and warm in winter. The natural suede sole helps protect against slipping.

Shoe Sizing

Small 0-6 months US size 1-2 (shoe length 10.5cm)

Medium 6-12 months US size 2.5-4 (shoe length 12.5 cm)

Large 12-18 months US size 4.5-6 (shoe length 14 cm)

XL 18-24 months US size 6.5-8 (shoe length 15cm)

XXL 2-3 years US size 8.5-10 (shoe length 16 cm)

 *We only have Small, Medium, & Large in stock.

However, contact me and I can order larger sizes for you.

Please note...there is a slight price increase for larger sizes.

Cade & Co will ship directly to you when they are finished.

Turn around time is usually 10-14 business days.